become a licensed trainer

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By becoming an INTRA Licensee you will be authorised to present our tried and tested training programmes to your client's employees, contractors and sub-contractors. This license presents the right individuals or organizations with the opportunity of creating an additional revenue and product offering. With the slowdown in the economy, many people and organizations are looking for ways to increase turnover, save or expand. An INTRA License could be the solution.

We are looking for passionate, self-motivated, ambitious individuals who are willing to adhere to certain Licensed requirements and agree to all the terms of the End User License  Agreement. Entrepreneurially inclined, they would need a strong sales and marketing drive in addition to their acquired professional competencies and qualifications.


Passionate about OHS and training
Marketing and sales experience
Presentation and public speaking skills
Training and facilitation skills
Willing to share expertise with Licensees
Passionate about developing other
Build customer relationships
Creative Thinking
Interpersonal skills
Reporting on monthly performance
Use of MS Word and PowerPoint
Business tools of a professional standard

As a part of our support, INTRA Licensees can receive training:
Attendance of a 2 day publicTLC [Trainer License Certification] by 2 Trainers or
4 day ETDP SETA Train the Trainer programme in Cape Town or Johannesburg*
Recommended business reading
Access* to Licensor as required. (*Costs for Licensee's own account)


Sect 8 (2) (e) of the Occupational Health & Safety Act [Act 85 of 1993] makes it obligatory for employers to “provide such information, instructions, training and supervision as may be necessary to ensure, as far as is reasonably practicable, the health and safety at work of his employees” i.e:
All employees to understand the OH&S Act
All employees to be trained in hazards & risks at work
HIRA Assessors must be trained and declared competent
Supervisors to be trained to manage Health & Safety in their area
First Aiders to be in possession of a Certificate of Competency
Fire Teams to be trained in prevention, protection and reaction
Health & Safety Reps to be trained
Noise Induced Hearing Loss training and compulsory refresher training
Construction workers to be trained in legal requirements and risks

Becoming an INTRA Licensee could be a lucrative activity in the hands of the right person or organisation. The ideal INTRA Licensee would have a good grasp of basic interpersonal, sales and presentation skills, together with a fundamental understanding of business. An understanding of technical and legal matters would be an advantage. The benefits are potentially huge.

Upfront License Fee includes 11 Trainer's Kits
PLUS+ attendance of a public TLC or ETDP SETA Train the Trainer programme.
Monthly Support License Fee for a period of 23 months [renewable]
Annual 10% License Fee escalation.
Discounted attendance of INTRA workshops during that period
All Trainer’s Kits developed or updated during period of agreement

INTRA Licensee run their wholly owned business. Trainer's material is supplied on receipt of payment.
All related expenses are tax deductible.
No employer / employee relationship will exist.
Our management team will share experience and expertise with you as and when requested.
INTRA Licensee should ideally attend training and familiarization. (*Travel & accommodation costs for Licensee's own account)