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Neels Nortjé - CEO Saiosh
South African Institute of Occupational Safety and Health www.saiosh.co.za

“Packed with information on how a Health and Safety programme should be managed. I particularly enjoyed the manner in which Ken wrote this book, it is like reading a story which leads up to a climax and the shocking realisation what the consequences of non-compliance are. A must read for all persons involved in a company’s Health and Safety programme. That is everyone.”

Dr Claire Deacon PhD Construction Management NMMU
MCur OH, UPE; BSc Med (Hons), UCT; BTech OH, CPUT Pr. CHSA (SACPCMP CHSA 010/2013)

Tips and steps that can be followed are included in the text, so in a very short period of time, a person who has a very limited level of knowledge will have a really good, simple framework to start with.

Passion is something Ken Annandale has plenty of, and is a non-negotiable aspect of anyone practising in the field. I have had the honour of having completed a number of H&S training programmes offered by Ken, and his INTRA-SAFE team as a raw, and very green occupational health nurse practitioner at the start-up of my career. I consider the start to my career embedded in the lessons learnt in those training sessions. How life has changed. How the industry has changed, yet has stayed the same on so many fronts.
Whether you are an aspiring or seasoned H&S practitioner, a manager, a worker, or passionate about H&S. The lack of using the term ‘Health’ and focusing on only ‘Safety’ does not ensure a holistic approach to the field of H&S. Ken’s joke in the story relating to ‘whining’ H&S officers when meeting together is, again, sadly often the case. The field is filled with negativity. Only you can change this to a positive, passionate and a privilege to make a difference, one minute, one day, one training programme, and one manager at a time.

Dr Greg Kew MB.ChB.(Hons) ACPHM(SA) Occ Med Specialist

The One Minute “SAFETY” Manager is Ken’s fourth publication and is a well-crafted vignette of the life of a manager juggling the demands of work-life balance, with its consequential Health and Safety impacts. It is packed with universal messages drawn from Ken’s many years of experience in the field of Health and Safety, consulting and training, imbued with an authentic, real-life feeling. The story traverses scenarios from the workplace and the home and deftly ties in the inextricable relationships between the two, including the harsh but critically important differences between the home environments of an economically divided world. The characters are allegorical, but so real that I found myself identifying similar ones from my own journey through the world of work. The story is a plausible replica of exactly the way things are, which makes it so compelling.
This is an easily digestible quick read, stylistically pleasing and aimed at busy people who want to get to the point quickly; but cleverly packaged to convey a great many important messages on the potentially disastrous consequences of neglecting safety.
I am certain this publication will be well received, and I look forward to many more from whence it comes!

Theo Gregersen Deputy Director of Occ Health & Safety [Retired] Dept of Labour
With so many Health and Safety consultants, trainers and specialists, we find a lot of emphasis on explaining what the law says and very little on people’s actual personal experiences. In this book Ken Annandale has managed, in easily read detail, to put across what any one of us could face.
Once an incident has occurred we cannot avoid the consequences of the pain and suffering from injuries or death. We have breadwinners becoming unemployable, families who mourn the loss of a loved one, young children who are injured or killed, and people who have to be nursed for years because of their injuries. The list is endless.
There are the additional consequences when our legal system demands a cold calculated look at an incident to ensure that persons responsible are held accountable for what happened.
This book is a timely reminder that we are surrounded by potentially unhealthy or unsafe situations that could become our own nightmare unless we are vigilant of the threats and take corrective action.
Once again Ken has produced a true to life quality product that employers would be well advised to encourage their management team to use as part of their Safety Management Awareness Programme.

Dr Basil Thobile Mhlungu B.Sc. General Practitioner

Health and Safety is a very integral component of the home and work environment. The way this is viewed or prioritised may mean the difference between life and death and certainly affect the company’s bottom-line when key staff are injured/disabled. The company may also suffer huge losses through litigation or from getting a bad reputation. In my years of medical practice, especially the number of years worked in the trauma departments of 2 major private hospitals, I can relate, to a significant extent, with the anguish of injured employees, the anxiety about the future from those severely injured and, sometimes, the ignorance about Health and Safety by those tasked with this responsibility in the companies.
Ignorance can be bliss, but, certainly not in this instance. Ken Annandale has a wealth of experience in this field and is very passionate about it. In this book he provides a very simple understanding of this very important topic using a very interesting story that anybody can relate to. It is my belief that this book is relevant for the parent at home (as Ken illustrates), the small business (including our medical centre) and the large company/conglomerate/government department.

Tshifhiwa Mamaila MSD (Soc Dev) Past President EAPA-SA

I have known Ken for over five years. He has become a good friend and colleague. Ken eats, breathes and speaks OHS. His passion for OHS goes beyond his duty of care. Ken also works hard to empower community members in poverty alleviation through income generating programmes.
Ken’s art of writing saw his book ‘Movers, Shakers, Moaners and Groaners’ sell over 25 000 copies. The One Minute “SAFETY” Manager - A Leadership Guide to Health and Safety Management, brings to light the importance of Health and Safety in a simplest of forms, to cater for audiences from different educational levels.
What I particularly enjoyed about this book is how Ken raised the awareness of health and safety citing examples that most people can relate to. These form part of our everyday lives highlighting the importance of OHS compliance and the high cost of non-compliance. He brings our focus to safety measures that we normally take for granted in making our homes safe from harm and danger.
Ignorance and neglect are costly commodities. They have a potential of taking lives, hurting and injuring our loved ones and colleagues in the workplace. Prevention is always better and cheaper than cure.

Robin W Jones Past-President Saiosh

There have been many books written, which explain all kinds of different approaches available to management. The approaches, besides sometimes being very technical, are intended to enlighten all employees as to how they fit into the OHS Program.
In The One Minute “SAFETY” Manager, Ken Annandale has used a relaxed, easy to follow, novel style to take readers through an accident and the consequences of that accident. It highlights some of the problems found every day in Occupational Health and Safety. We have an uninformed manager, the “it’s not my job” type, who finally experiences the harsh wake-up when an Inspector from the Department of Labour comes to hold an enquiry.
I believe that, without finger pointing, Ken takes the reader through just how much we are all involved in safety, no matter where we work or where we live.
It takes a little longer than a minute to read the book, but that is because you can read a section and put yourself into the position of the characters in the book.
An easy to read, absorbing book which needs to be read by the CEO and then right down to middle management and employees on the floor.

Dr. Rosaline Sebolao PhD Manager: Special Projects (Teaching &Learning) CUT

The One Minute “SAFETY” Manager is an essential book, which shows us that we are all responsible for ensuring safety in our lives and in the lives of others. Every situation and environment requires safety measures and precautions. It may be at home, at school, at the workplace or in the car that you are either driving or are being driven. This book is written in an interesting manner that encourages one to keep reading and to apply advice provided in it. The author, Ken Annandale, is very passionate about safety in people’s lives and has been sharing safety principles through workshops and seminars in the corporate world. Now he has put these principles in this book for those who may never have an opportunity to listen to him. I believe that this book will communicate his passion to you as the reader in a way that opens your eyes to the important responsibility regarding safety. Most importantly, I believe that we also have a responsibility to teach our children about safety principles and this too Ken has done for us through this book. Share it with your friends and family and you will have given them such valuable information.

Ephraim Mahayi MSc - Training and Development.
My first encounter with the author of The One Minute “SAFETY” Manager, Ken Annandale, was when I attended his public speaking workshop. He has a gift of telling what seems like a complicated subject in an easy to understand and unforgettable way. Ken is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable persons in the field of Health and Safety. To me he remains the undisputed luminary in this area.
In this book he tells of a line manager who goes through challenges both as father and manager. The main character was always busy doing his other work responsibilities and never thought of Health and Safety until faced with a possibility of prosecution for an incident that led to one of his staff members nearly losing four fingers. Throughout the book Ken emphasises the point that Health and Safety is not a one-off thing but an ongoing process that needs attention and dedication.
Written in short topics, each revealing so much that will end up enlightening any busy manager.
This book will help readers understand the blind spots in the field of Health and Safety while enjoying the author’s unique way of getting the message across.