Dynamic Management Talk / Seminar Address

Ken Annandale's new key-note address is based on his latest book "The One Minute SAFETY Manager" . It borrows from the tenets of Dr Ken Blanchard and Dr Spencer Johnson’s bestseller. The parable follows the experiences of a young manager and one of his team when she is involved in a disabling accident. The easy-to-read story was written to create awareness and encourage innovative participation in your organisation’s drive to eliminate all workplace injuries and diseases. The ultimate goals of the book and talk are to share the critical principles of Health and Safety management, resulting in demonstrable commitment and care by the CEO, Managers and Supervisors.

Neels Nortjé - CEO Saiosh
South African Institute of Occupational Safety and Health

“Packed with information on how a Health and Safety programme should be managed. I particularly enjoyed the manner in which Ken wrote this book, it is like reading a story which leads up to a climax and the shocking realisation what the consequences of non-compliance are. A must read for all persons involved in a company’s Health and Safety programme. That is everyone.” www.saiosh.co.za

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