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Conduct your substantive HIRA. Customise material to meet your identified Risks. Add policies, procedures, photos and examples.


Certain training materials have undergone SAQA NQF Unit Standard Alignment. Others will follow if required.

Occupational Health and Safety Act
Legal Liability
Unit Std # 242668 “Demonstrate knowledge and application of the Occ Health & Safety Act, 85 of 1993 and responsibilities of management” Credits 4 NQF 4

HIRA Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment
Unit Std # 244287 “Conduct a baseline risk assessment and take appropriate action” Credits: 7 NQF: 5
Incident investigation
Incident / Accident Investigation

Investigation requirements, techniques and methodology
health and safety supervisory management skills
Health & Safety Supervisor Skills

OHS Act Section 8 Supervisor Roles and & Responsibilities
she rep
H & S [SHE] Representative

Unit Std # 259622 “Describe the functions of the workplace health and safety representative”. Credits: 3 NQF: 2.

Health & Safety Induction
Unit Std # 259639 “Demonstrate knowledge pertaining to basic health and safety principles at work”. Credits: 4 NQF: 2
first aid training
First Aid Level 1

Unit Std # 119567 "Perform basic life support and first aid procedures" Credits: 5 Level: 1
* Requires DoEaL Approval and SETA Accreditation for GSR 3 Training
working at heights
Working at Heights
[1&2] Non-Construction Fall Protection [3] Fall Arrest Technician Unit Std # 229998: “Explain & perform fall arrest techniques when Working @ Height” Credits: 2 NQF: 1
fire prevention
Fire Fighting Level 1
Prevention, Protection & Preparedness
Hazardous chemical substances
Hazardous Chemical Substances
Working with Hazardous Chemical Substances Regulation
Noise-induced hearing loss
Noise & Hearing Protection
Noise-Induced Hearing Loss Regulations 2003
Unit Std # 259602 “Describe sources of and control measures for noise in a work place” Credits: 2 NQF: 1
electrical safety
Electrical Safety Awareness
Introduction to Electricity
construction regulations
Construction Regulations 2014
Appointments, Roles, Responsibilities and Rights
COIDA Management
Compensation of Injuries and Diseases Act. Unit Std# 259610: “Demo basic understanding of procedure for submission of compensation claims”. Credits: 2 NQF: 2