FIRSTRACTOPIC: First-Aid [Level 1&2]
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General Safety Regulation 3  requirements


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Present this course as a life-skills programme at schools,
youth-groups, community and parenting forums, etc.

Intro to Legal Requirements, Legal & Ethical Considerations, The Law of Consent, Reporting of Injuries & Treatment
Intro to Occupational Health & Safety, Personal Protective Equipment & Clothing, First Aid Kits and Equipment
Approaching an Accident Scene, Treating a Collapsed Person, Rescue Breathing, CPR, Choking, Drowning, Unconsciousness, Fainting
Wounds & Control of Bleeding, Fractures, Sprains & Dislocations, Head Injuries, Neck and Spinal Injuries, Lifting and Carrying a Patient, Burns, Electrocution, Smoke, Chemicals and Poisons, Bites and Stings, Eyes.
Heart Diseases, Angina, Heart Attack, Stroke, Diabetes, Asthma, Seizures, Epilepsy. Practicals, Oral

CD [Word for Windows and Powerpoint]
Facilitator Manual [Printed CD content]
Facilitator Guide
PowerPoint Visuals
Learner Guide
Certificate of attendance
Attendance List
Evaluation Form

Reproduction Rights: Allows unlimited reproduction of learner material
Capacity to Customise: Enables adaptation to suit your risk based needs
Ready to Run: Allows for immediate use
Duration: 2 days

Title: None
Unit Standard:  Not aligned
Credits:   Not aligned
NQF Level:  Not aligned


of First Aid Instructors. INTRA can, in association with Frontline Emergency Care [Dept of Labour Approved Service Provider CI Number 342], arrange FAI [First Aid Instructors] Courses for those “persons or organisations desiring approval by the Chief Inspector for this purpose”.
Details of the requirement for approval can be found in General Safety Regulation 3 (4)(d) of the Occupation Health and Safety Act [Act 95 of 1993 as amended].


It is imperative to note that SETA Accreditation does NOT replace the requirement for DoL Approval.

PHASE 1 - Qualify as a level 3 First-Aider. If you are already the holder of a current Level 3 certificate then attend Phase 2.
PHASE 2 - attend and qualify as a “CERTIFIED” First Aid Instructor.
PHASE 3 - Use our FIRSTRAC [Level 1 & 2] Trainer's Kit to present “Life Skills/ Orientation’ First Aid courses in your community, clubs, schools or associations.
PHASE 4 - Apply for Dept of Labour APPROVAL and present CERTIFICATES OF COMPETENCY to employees in terms of the Regulation.