box hiraHIRA - Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment
NQF Unit Standard No: 244287
"Conduct a baseline risk assessment and take appropriate action"

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History of Occupational Safety, Health and Environment [SHE] : Extent of the Problem : Causes and Consequences : Management of Decisions : Reportable Incidents : Occupational Safety / Health / Environmental Hazards : Identifying Hazards - Examples : Cause, Control & Consequence Chain : Scale of Probability / Frequency / Severity : Reasonable Mitigation of Hazards : Introduction to HIRA / Fundamentals : Research and Reference Material : The Funnel Method : RAG Tag – Basic Recognition and Rating System : Types of Risk Assessments : Assessment Methodologies : Introduction to Bowtie Risk Analysis : When to perform a HIRA : Establishing the HIRA Team : Preparing to Conduct a HIRA : Process Flow Planning and Management : Performing the HIRA : Conducting a Risk Rating : Final Practical Exercise : Communicating the HIRA Findings : HIRA Inspection Checklist : HIRA Control Register : HIRA Cause, Control & Consequence Chain : HIRA Assessment Form.

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Reproduction Rights: Allows unlimited reproduction of learner material
Capacity to Customise: Enables adaptation to suit your risk based needs
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Duration: 2 days

Title: Conduct a baseline risk assessment and take appropriate action
Unit Standard: 244287
Credits: 7
NQF Level: 5