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Movers, Shakers, Moaners & Groaners

With over 25,000 in circulation, Ken's motivational best-seller has been refreshed to include new guidelines for living a balanced life!

Making "Movers & Shakers" is a 100% leadership role.

Ken's updated best-seller and motivational talk will help you revive and inspire your team.

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"If the brave do not lead, the timid will not follow. Be Brave!"

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The One Minute SAFETY Manager

tells the "real-life" story of "a young manager who seeks guidance from a experienced mentor, following a devastating injury to one of his employees".

It effectively conveys the critical importance of the Health and Safety management message in an entertaining manner.

"The One Minute SAFETY Manager" follows the traumatic, real-life journey from incident to ICU, investigation, Labour Department Inquiry and finally the indictment.

It touches on the trauma, psychological and physiological effects, disruption, and personal and corporate loss.

Occupational Health and Safety diseases, incidents and injuries plague micro and macro-economies. The devastating effects on people and productivity seem to have no end. This resource rapidly provides insight into establishing and managing an Occupational Health and Safety Management System, regardless of the reader's legislative requirements.

While prevention seems to be the obvious solution, questionable attitudes, improper behaviour and lack of top-of-mind awareness and commitment are almost always present when identifying the causes of an incident.

Rather than writing yet another boring Occupational Health and Safety textbook, this story is based on real-life incidents, and follows the experiences of an inexperienced manager and one of his team when she is involved in a disabling accident that results in the potential loss of four fingers on her predominant hand.

This easy-to-read story was written to create awareness and encourage innovative participation in your organization’s drive to eliminate all workplace injuries and diseases. The goal of the book is to share the critical principles of Health and Safety management, resulting in demonstrable commitment and care by the CEO, Managers, and Supervisors in a personally relatable manner. The characters are every-day people, just like those at your and my workplace.

PRICE:     1 - 100 @ R150.00 each incl postage / courier      101+ @ 10% bulk discount

“Packed with information on how a Health and Safety programme should be managed. I particularly enjoyed the manner in which Ken wrote this book, it is like reading a story which leads up to a climax and the shocking realisation what the consequences of non-compliance are. A must read for all persons involved in a company’s Health and Safety programme. That is everyone.”
Neels Nortjé - CEO Saiosh  WHAT DO OTHERS SAY?

The Occupational Health & Safety Awareness Booklet

provides vital information  in this animated easy to comprehend guideline and can be supplemented by the popular, fully customiseabe  "INDUCTOR" Health & Safety Trainers Pack.

You care about your employee’s Health & Safety and do not want to see them injuring themselves or getting a disease from the work they do.

Help them get actively involved in your Health & Safety programme by providing each with a copy of this animated guideline. Most workplace incidents and diseases occur because the victims failed to accept responsibility for their Health & Safety.

Understanding the hazards and risks, following the correct procedures and preventing incidents from happening is a mutual responsibility.

This impactful 30 page, A6 pocket booklet covers:

★ Welcome to the Organisation
★ The Reason Incidents Occur
★ Legal Requirements
★ Organisation's Rules and Procedures
★ Occupational Health
★ Occupational Hygiene
★ Personal Hygiene
★ Occupational Safety
★ First Aid and Medical Facilities
★ Reporting System
★ Emergency Plans
★ Important Telephone Numbers
★ Symbolic Signs

PRICES - Health & Safety Awareness Booklets

1 - 100         R50.00 each
100 - 500    R45.00 each
501 - 1000  R40.00 each
1000 +        R35.00 each
[Postage @ R15.00 per order NOT included]

HaS Alert "The Occupational Health & Safety Awareness Info Pack"

provides vital introductory information an effective live 45 minute webinar based video and animated pocket booklet

Based on the popular, fully customiseable  "INDUCTOR" Health & Safety Trainers Pack and "The Occupational Health & Safety Awareness Booklet", this pack is ideal for:

★ New employees, Contractors, Sub-contractors and Visitors

★ Inclusion in other training

★ Home-based / Self-study or distance e'learning

This impactful Health & Safety Awareness Info Pack includes:

★ 45 Min live Webinar video [for use by supervisors and trainers]

★ 25 Min "Diligens Pater Familias" Talk [for distribution to all managers and supervisors]

★ 70 customiseable full colour facilitator slides [for use by trainers]

★ 20 "The Occupational Health & Safety Awareness Pocket Book" [for employees]

★ 2 "The One Minute SAFETY Manager [managers and supervisors]

★ 3 Health and Safety Posters [for use by supervisors]

PRICE - HaS Alert - Health & Safety Awareness Info Pack

1 Info Pack R1,750.00
[Postage @ R15.00 per order NOT included]


"The One Minute SAFETY Manager"

"The Occupational Health & Safety Awareness Booklet"

"HaS ALERT - Occupational Health & Safety Info Pack"


and then discover how you can become an INTRA AFFILIATE and do your own OHS training