The One Minute Safety Manager

The 1 Minute Safety Manager

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The 1 Minute “Safety” Manager borrows the tenets of Dr Ken Blanchard and Dr Spencer Johnson’s bestseller format. The objective is to share the basic principles of Health and Safety management with busy supervisors and managers. The story follows the experiences of a young manager and one of his team when she is involved in a potentially disabling accident. The allegory was written to create awareness and encourage innovative participation in your organisation’s drive to eliminate all workplace injuries and diseases.

Book Review - Dr Claire Deacon 
PhD Construction Management NMMU MCur OH, UPE; BSc Med (Hons), UCT; BTech OH, CPUT Pr. CHSA (SACPCMP CHSA 010/2013)

Dear Reader,
Whether you are an aspiring or seasoned H&S practitioner, a manager, or a worker, be passionate about H&S. The lack of using the term ‘health’ and focusing on only ‘safety’ does not ensure a holistic approach to the field of H&S. Ken’s joke in the story relating to ‘whining’ H&S officers when meeting together is, again, sadly often the case. The field is filled with negativity. Only you can change this to a positive, passionate and a privilege to make a difference, one minute, one day, one training programme, and one manager at a time.

When asked to write this foreword I felt extremely humbled, and very honoured to do so. There are not many South African publications that cover health and safety (H&S), and none that tell the story like this book manages to do.
Story telling is as old as time itself, whether between elders and their charges, a parent to a child, or between people, sharing experiences. Today the technique of passing on knowledge and teaching is largely limited to text books and research, and not in the format such as used in ‘The 1 Minute “Safety” Manager’.
While the formal training material is extremely necessary, some practitioners in H&S learn better when the framework is relevant and can be related to. The story told by Ken provides much of the background missing from text books and research papers, which are required to be the cold hard facts.
The story indicates Ken’s broad understanding of how health and safety is absent in the workplace, how workers can be marginalised, the lack of integrated H&S programmes, and the ‘dream’ of every practitioner to see the change in management H&S practices.
Tips and steps that can be followed are included in the text, so in a very short period of time, a person who has a very limited level of knowledge will have a really good, simple framework to start with.
Passion is something Ken Annandale has plenty of, and is a non-negotiable aspect of anyone practicing in the field. I have had the honour of having completed a number of H&S training programmes offered by Ken, and his INTRA-SAFE team as a raw, and very green occupational health nurse practitioner at the start-up of my career. I consider the start to my career embedded in the lessons learnt in those training sessions. How life has changed. How the industry has changed, yet has stayed the same on so many fronts.

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