FREE* 2 day "Train the Trainer"

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Programme Overview and Online Booking

Order any 2** of these OHS Trainer’s Kits and get:
The 2 day Health & Safety "Train the Trainer" for 1 person in Pretoria or Cape Town, the right to customise and print Learner Guides and 1 x "The One Minute SAFETY Manager at no extra charge. ** INDUCTOR : HASREP : FIRSTRAC : CONREGS ; HIRA : FIRETRAC : CLAIMTRAC : SUPERTRAC

Do your own OHS Training
INTRA has 11 customizable Trainer's Kits including 5 Unit Standard Aligned Kits, to enable you to do your own  “risk specific”,  training. These kits consists of a Facilitator Guide, Facilitator Visuals, Learner Guide, course material and certificate. This is far more cost-effective than developing your own training material.

Presenter - Ken Annandale
Ken is the author the best-seller “Movers, Shakers, Moaners & Groaners”, "Professional Presentation Skills" and “The 1 Minute Safety Manager”. A dynamic conference speaker, he has been actively involved in Health & Safety training for over 20 years. Ken is a former drug-squad cop, Naval officer, NOSA Consultant, Audiometrist, radio announcer and university group communication skills lecturer. He is the producer or presenter of various Health & Safety training videos and was the Chairman of Ceremonies for Africa - producers of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2003 Opening Ceremony. An amateur military historian, team building leader and scuba dive-master. Ken is a co-recipient of Toastmasters International Communication and Leadership Award.

Dept of Labour Approval
Other than the FIRSTRAC, neither Dept of Labour "Approval" or SETA "Accreditation" is NOT required by the OH&S Act to present these training courses.

2 day Train the Trainer 
Using  the INTRA Trainer's Kit methodology as the basis for the 2 day programme, learners will be exposed to the legal requirements, introduction to actual course  material, customising and adapting the material, adding your own photos, video clips, logos, policies and procedures. It includes making your own short video and audio training material. Discussion around copy and reproduction rights, SETA Accreditation and Dept of Labour approval [where required] and professional presentation skills. All learners will receive an e'copy of Ken's book "Professional  Presentation  Skills.
A light lunch and refreshments will be served. This offer excludes travel & accommodation.

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